Group Leader

Joanna Zapisek
Project Manager
Cassandra Warren
Group Administrator

Senior Researchers

Research Fellows

Dr. Naeemullah Khan

Graduate Students

Thomas Joy
Zhao Yang
Francesco Pinto
Francisco Girbal Eiras
Chen Lin
Pau de Jorge
Tim Franzmeyer

Graduated PhD Students

Dr. Amartya Sanyal (Examined by Professor Pawan Kumar and Professor Pranjal Awasthi)
Dr. Andrew Gambardella (Examined by Professor Michael Osborne and Professor Gilles Louppe)
Dr. Arslan Chaudhry [email] (Examined by Professor Tinne Tuytelaars and Professor Victor Adrian Prisacariu)
Dr. Christian Schroeder de Witt (Examined by Professor Stephen Roberts and Professor Frans Oliehoek)
Dr. Namhoon Lee [email] (Examined by Professor Pawan Kumar and Professor Richard Hartley)
Dr. Qizhu Li [email] (Examined by Professor Andrea Vedaldi and Dr. Alexander Kirillov)
Dr. Karteek Alahari (Departed to Ecole Normale Superieure, examiner Professor Roberto Cipolla, University of Cambridge)
Dr. Alban Desmaison (Examined by Dr. Frederick Kahl)
Dr. Anurag Arnab [email] (Examined by Professor Iasonas Kokkinos)
Dr. Bradley Gram-Hansen [email] (Examined by Professor Luke Ong)
Dr. Daniela Massiceti [email] (Examined by Professor Kirsten Grauman)
Dr. Carl Henrik Ek (Departed to UC-Berkley, examiner Professor Trevor Darrell, UC-Berkley)
Dr. Glenn Sheasby [email] (Examiner Dr. Teo de Campos (Surrey) and Professor Mark Bishop (Goldsmiths))
Dr. Pushmeet Kohli (Took job at Microsoft Research Cambridge, examiner Professor Ramin Zabi, Cornell)
Mr. Shuai Zheng [email] (Examined by Dr. Patrick Perez, Technicolor.)
Dr. Lubor Ladicky [email] (Departed to Oxford University, examiner Professor Andrew Blake, FRS, FREng, Director Microsoft Research Cambridge)
Dr. Luca Bertinetto [email] (Examined by Jiri Matas)
Dr. Ondrej Miksik [email] (Examined by Prof. Andrew Fitzgibbon)
Dr. Oscar Rahnama [email] (Examined by Professor R. Bowden)
Dr. M Pawan Kumar (Departed to Stanford, examiner Professor Ramin Zabih, Cornell)
Dr. Christophe Restif (Departed to Rutgers, examiner Professor Tim Cootes, Manchester)
Dr. Jon Rihan [email] (Examiner Professor Anton Van Den Hengel)
Dr. Rodrigo de Bem [email] (Examined by Dr. Adrian Hilton)
Dr. Rudy Bunel [email] (Examined by Professor Alessio R. Lomuscio)
Dr. Chris Russell [email] (Departed to Queen Mary, examiner Andrew Fitzgibbon)
Dr. Sam Hare [email] (Examiner Professor Roberto Cipolla, University of Cambridge; Left to found Obvious Engineering)
Dr. Michael Sapienza [email] (Examined by Professor Andrew Zisserman. Departed to Samsung Research America.)
Dr. Saumya Jetley [email] (Examined by Tinne Tuytelaars)
Dr. Sunando Sengupta [email] (Examiner Professor Gabe Brostow, UCL; Departed to become research scientist Vicon)
Dr. Tom Shannon (Examiner Professor Nachiappan Chockalingam)
Dr. Paul Sturgess [email] (Examined by Prof. Derek Hoiem)
Dr. Julien Valentin (Examined by Professor Andrew Blake. Departed to Microsoft Research.)
Dr. Vibhav Vineet (Departed to Stanford, examiner Prof. Antonio Torralba, MIT)
Dr. Ziming Zhang (Examiner Dr. Andrea Vedaldi, University of Oxford; Departed to Boston University)

Close Associate Members

Dr. Nigel Crook
Ms. Sofia Minano Gonzalez (Zoology) [email]
Dr. Stephen Hicks [email]
Dr. Anton van den Hengel [email] (University of Adelaide)

Former Members

Dr. N. Siddharth [email] (Reader at University of Edinburgh)
Mr. Alessio Tonioni
Mr. Steve Barker
Dr. Matthieu Bray [email] (former post doc)
Dr. Carl Yuheng Ren [email]
Clement Liu Chen (3rd Year PhD Student at Beijiing Institute of Technology)
Dr. Wen-Yan Lin
Mr. David Jarzebowski
Dr. P.P.J. Fernando (former visiting intern)
Mr. Iain Wilson [email] (Neuroscience)
Mr. Jack Hunt [email]
Dr. Manish Jethwa [email] (Yotta Ltd)
Mr. Jonathon Luiten [email] (Former visiting researcher from RWTH Aachen)
Dr. Li Zhang [email] (Associate Professor at Fudan University, China)
Dr. Tony McCollum [email]
Dr. Ming-Ming Cheng [email] (Associate Professor at Nankai University, China)
Dr. A. Mittal (Qualcomm Research Cambridge, Examiner Dr. Bjourne Stenger Toshiba research)
Dr. Mohammad Najafi [email]
Miss Natasha Govender
Dr. Carlos Orrite (University of Zaragoza)
Mr. Morne Pistorius [email]
Mr. Yogarajah Pratheepan [email] (former MPhil)
Dr. Srikumar Ramalingam [email]
Dr. Gregory Rogez [email]
Dr. Amir Saffari
Dr. Stephan Liwicki (Toshiba Research)
Dr. Stuart Golodetz [email] (went to 5AI)
Mr. Yunda Sun [email] (former visiting intern)
Dr. Thorsten Thormählen (University of Adeliade)
Dr. Tommaso Cavallari [email] (went to 5AI)
Mr. Ben Ward (University of Adelaide)
Dr. Xiaojuan Qi [email] (University of Hong Kong)
Prof. Zhang Yan

Academic Ancestors (Full family tree)